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Where bright futures begin . . . .


Watch this area for current HTS news and events through the 2014-2015 school year!
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District Anti-Bullying

Mrs. Valerie Cline
478-2016 ext. 7129

Anti-Bullying Specialist
Grades Pre-K - 2
Ms. Carolyn Johnson
478-2016 ext. 6501

Anti-Bullying Specialist
Grade 3
Mrs. Heather Schank
478-2016 ext. 6502

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Student Supply List

Click the button below to view letters about student supplies, as prepared by teachers in grades 1 - 3.  The district does supply these basic items to our students, but if parents wish to personalize or supplement those items for their child, please refer to the letters linked below! 

School Supply Lists

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School Colors:
Blue and Gold




Student Attendance Hours:     Please note revised start / end times!

Regular School Day Grades 1 - 3  8:35 AM to   3:10 PM
   Kindergarten AM Session  8:35 AM to 11:20 AM
  PM Session 12:25 PM to   3:10 PM
   Pre-School AM Session  8:35 AM to 11:05 AM
   Pre-School PM Session 12:30 AM to   3:00 PM
Early Dismissal Day Grades 1-3  8:35 AM to   1:05 PM
   Kindergarten AM Session  8:35 AM to 11:05 AM
  PM Session 10:35 AM to   1:05 PM
   Pre-School AM Session  8:30 AM to 10:15 AM
   Pre-School PM Session 11:15 AM to   1:00 PM

Please note new schedule below that will be utilized only if the schools must have a 1˝ hour DELAYED OPENING due to poor weather or emergency:

1˝ hour Delay: Grades 1-3    9:55  AM to   3:05 PM
   Kindergarten AM Session    9:55 AM to  12:25 PM
  PM Session  12:35 PM to   3:05 PM
   Pre-School AM Session    9:55 AM to 11:55 PM
   Pre-School PM Session 12:55 PM to   2:55 PM


Patrice Taylor, Principal (856)478-2016 ext. 7126
Valerie Cline, Assistant Principal (856)478-2016 ext. 7129
Lynn Lindle, Secretary (856)478-2016 ext. 7126
Laura Newcomb, Receptionist (856)478-2016 ext. 7120
Student Absence Reporting (856)478-2016 ext. 1000
Principal’s Fax Line: (856)223-1672


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Harrison Township Elementary School is nestled in the historic town of Mullica Hill in Gloucester County, New Jersey.  The school personnel welcome approximately 840 students in grades pre-kindergarten to Grade 3.  The fully-certificated and highly-qualified teachers provide a positive learning experience using Constructivist practices with all students. The philosophical beliefs and research- based practices of the faculty ensure that the Harrison Township Elementary School embodies our mission, Where Bright Futures Begin.

Every faculty member and educational support member participates in on-going professional development in order to provide our students with the most up-to-date, research-based instructional strategies.  They attend professional workshops, develop curriculum, participate in team planning meetings and Professional Learning Communities, pursue advanced degrees, and conduct action research projects - all of which benefits learning.

Our teachers strive to provide instruction that meets the needs of the individual student through differentiation.  Through various means of assessment, the teachers determine each student's areas of strengths and needs.  They also recognize that students have different modalities of learning, and provide specific prescriptive interventions.

Curriculum initiatives include stands-based instruction and backward unit design. The district curriculum is completely aligned with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (All content areas) and the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and mathematics. These standards support comprehensive and rigorous benchmarks throughout the content areas. The Harrison Township School District curriculum clearly defines what all students should know and be able to do at the end of their seven years within the district (K – 6).

Harrison Township Elementary School is an inclusive school.  Special education and regular education students are teamed together in a positive learning environment.  Team-teaching maximizes the benefits of differentiated instruction at every grade level.  The pre-school disabled classes also provide early intervention for our youngest learners. Most if not all of our basic skills supports occur within the classroom. Our students learn from and support one another throughout the school day.

The English Language Arts program addresses the standards through the comprehensive Reading Street program. Reading Street includes whole- and small-group reading, daily writing which includes writing in response to text, grammar, and spelling/word study.  The students are immersed in a literacy-rich environment that builds a solid foundation for lifelong learning.  Differentiated instruction provides students with the skills and knowledge to be successful readers and writers through small-group instruction, shared reading, and writer's workshop.

Harrison Township Elementary School is delivering Common Core mathematics through the use of multiple resources which include EngageNY, the New Jersey Model Curriculum, the Progressive Math Initiative, the math progressions from the University of Arizona, and the Everyday Math program. Our math curriculum focuses on the major shifts in the Core. We are focusing strongly on the standards, are thinking across the grade levels and linking the major topics within grades, and we are pursuing conceptual understanding, procedural skills and fluency, and applying math content and skills with equal intensity. Our math curriculum challenges all students to apply the concepts and basic mathematical skills for problem-solving and active learning. 

Harrison Township Elementary School is now in its sixth year of implementing the Response to Intervention Team.  The team meets each individual teacher on a regular basis to discuss student progress and determine prescriptive interventions and program services, as needed.

Analysis of standardized data is used in order to best determine the needs of the individual students, and many forms of assessment are used in instruction.  The Dynamic Indicator of Basic Literacy Skills (DIBELS) and other benchmark instruments and systems are used to assess each student's progress in reading.  These assessments allow for early intervention for students who are at-risk and who are not progressing as expected.

Along with DIBELS and literacy benchmarks, teachers utilize the data derived from the Northwest Evaluation Associate's (NWEA) computerized Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) to determine students' mastery of basic skills in reading and math in Grades K through 3.  Locally-developed rubrics are also used to assess and report student progress.  In addition, individual student conferences are used to provide the students with feedback, guidance, and encouragement in writing, reading, and mathematics.

The Science and Social Studies curriculum provide the students time to explore and make connections to the NJCCCS. The science curriculum is inquiry-based and requires students to generate scientific hypothesis and discover ways to support their ideas through experimentation and observation. The primary resource for the social studies curriculum is provided through TCi’s Social Studies & History Alive!!! programs. These programs support technology integration and offer multiple on-line texts and resources.

Technology is infused into all daily activities and content areas, such as mathematics, reading, science, and social studies.  Laptop computers and SMART Boards©, as well as desktop computers, are being used as tools to enhance learning at every grade level. Programs such as Brain Pop!, Discovery Education,  EduBlog, and Reflex Math  help to engage our students.   

Students also participate in Art, Library, Music, Physical Education, World Language (Spanish), and guidance lessons that are provided by content-area specialists. Our guidance counselors, with support from the physical education department and homeroom teachers, address the social, emotional, and academic needs of the students. We have implemented the Steps-to-Respect and Stepping Up curriculum.   The Physical Education department uses the technology-based program FitnessGram to analyze individual student's physical fitness in predetermined areas.  This allows the teachers to plan and target instruction for individual students.

This is the fifth year for the implementation of the STARS Program at Harrison Township School.  STARS (Safety first, Try hard and do your best, Act responsibly, Respect yourself and others, Solve problems peacefully) is a positive approach to good student behavior.  The school year begins with two weeks of targeted lessons and activities that highlight the various STARS behaviors that may arise during the many activities of a student's day.  These include positive behaviors in the classroom, on the bus, in the lunchroom, during recess, at assemblies, in the hallways, and on class trips.  Students displaying STARS behaviors are recognized on a daily basis with STARS slips, which are given to them by faculty and staff members.  The students and staff love to "Reach for the Stars!"

The students are actively engaged in many aspects of our school.  We have a strong parent volunteer program that welcomes the assistance of the parents in the classroom.  They are also involved in making decisions through participation in various committees.  The district PTA provides educational assemblies aligned with our curriculum, as well as multiple events and activities that benefit the children.  They are strong partners in our school.

We also have strong community support in all of our endeavors.  Many of the township organizations work hand-in-hand with us to educate our students, and model good citizenship through special programs such as DARE, Fire Prevention Week, visits to the Historical Society, Rotary Club-sponsored programs, and activities at the Gloucester County Library. 

The Harrison Township Elementary School personnel embrace our young learners and provides them with the necessary skills and knowledge to become proud, productive citizens in today's society. The Harrison Township School District Community – students, parents, faculty, staff, administration, and township citizens – proudly share in the achievements of our students.  

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