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Our current 4th graders, led by Mrs. Chrissy Rivera, placed 3rd in the Kindergarten through 6th Grade Division of the STEAM Tank Competition.  Students: Julianne Roes, Mallory Engle, and Jillian McGroarty were awarded the $1,000 prize during the NJEA teachers convention.  Their Anti-Tip Chair was highlighted as a practical way to keep kids safe. 

Our other team of former 6th graders, Gabrielle Calandra and Madelena Di Fabio, were recognized by the American Institute of Architects for their invention.  They will be presenting with the support of their coach, Mrs. Laura Richardson, to a group of professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs on November 27th at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.  The idea behind this is for the girls to seek funding and actually create their application, Menu @ Your Fingertips, to assist communication impaired individuals.