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Harrison Township Students Rock their Socks for World Down Syndrome Day

Yesterday was World Down Syndrome Day and the Harrison Township School District celebrated by inviting students to "Rock Your Socks" to school! Uniquely amazing socks were stampering around the hallway all day as teachers discussed the importance of embracing our differences. Brady, one of our students with down syndrome, read the HTS morning announcements with his augmented communication device yesterday. Watch a video of Brady giving the announcements by clicking here.


bradyyyzoo    brady


Nicole Grieb, a Special Education Teacher at HTS was happy Brady got his turn on the loud speaker. She says,"We would like to point out that each voice is a  gift to the world, and each person should speak in their own unique voice. Every third grade student gets the opportunity to participate in leading the morning announcements. Yesterday on World Down Syndrome day, one of our third grade students with Down Syndrome was able to lead our morning announcements with the assistance of his augmentative communication device. Brady enjoyed all the support from staff, peers and friends who celebrated and cheered for his unique voice!" Our staff did an amazing job with yesterday's celebrations and we're so proud of all our students for celebrating eachothers' unique voices!


Check out the chart below, developed by our Special Education Staff, for more information on Down Syndrome. 

chart ds2 ds1