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Celebrating 175 Years of Harrison Township

Thank you to our students, families, staff and administration for participating in the beautiful celebration of the 175th anniversary of our great town. Our Kindergarteners marched proudly in the parade with some of their teachers and Principal, Ms. Rodano. Our 1st and 2nd graders made butterflies of recycled material with the support of Mrs. Moran, HTS Art teacher.


They were displayed on the fence for visitors to enjoy and will soon fly back to HTS to be displayed at our Reimagination Garden Party!

Our 3rd through 6th grade students wrote about what they would add to a time capsule to be opened 175 years from now by children in Harrison Township. Winners were recognized at the opening ceremonies by Mayor Manzo and Dr. Peretti. 


It was an amazing day of celebrating our community. Thank you again to all who participated!