• If your child will need to take either daily or PRN (as needed) medication at school:
    •  Please have your doctor fill out the required medication form.  (See forms tabs) 
    • Medication will need to be brought into school by a parent or other adult.  They are not allowed to be transported by your child on the bus.
    •  Medication must be provided in its original packaging

    The Board of Education shall not be responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of student illness.  The administration of prescribed medication to a student during school hours will be permitted only when failure to take such medicine would jeopardize the health of the student, or the student would not be able to attend school if the medication were not made available during school hours.  For the purpose of this policy, “medication” shall include prescription and non-prescription medicines.

    Before any medication may be administered to or by any student during school hours, the Board shall require the written request of the parent and the written order of the prescribing physician.  Medication must be in the original container stating the student’s name, the name of the medication, dosage, frequency of dosage, and any description of adverse reactions.

    The Superintendent has developed procedures for the administration of medication which provide that:

    1. All medication shall be administered by the School Nurse or the student himself or herself where the parent so permits and the School  Nurse is present.
    2. Medication shall be securely stored and kept in the original labeled container.
    3. All medication shall be brought to the School Nurse by the parent/guardian and shall be picked up at the end of the school year or the end of the period of medication, whichever is earlier, by the parent/guardian.  STUDENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO TRANSPORT MEDICATION.
    4. The School Nurse will maintain documentation relating to the administration of any medications, recording the name of the prescribing physician, the name of the student, the dosage and timing of medication, and a notation of each instance of medication.