HTS Student Support Team

  • Vision Statement:

    All students are eligible to receive the benefits of a school counseling and guidance program that is developmental in nature, preventive in design, and comprehensive in scope. As an integral part of the total educational program, credentialed school counselors ensure access to services so that every student is challenged and supported to reach his or her highest potential. 

    Mission Statement: 
    The counselors at Harrison Township School provide a comprehensive and developmental counseling and guidance program that addresses the academic, career and personal/social needs of students at all grade levels. 

    School counselors are professional student advocates who provide support to maximize student potential and academic achievement. In partnership with educators, parents and the community, credentialed school counselors facilitate the support system to ensure that all students in the district are prepared academically and socially with the knowledge and skills to contribute at the highest level as productive members of society. 

    Classroom Guidance:
    In partnership with the teachers in Grades K-3, the school counselors visit each classroom to teach a personal safety curriculum called Talking About Touching. The Talking About Touching curriculum teaches children simple rules to guide them toward safe decision-making. This research-based, teacher-friendly program explores well-being in a variety of situations and teaches children basic skills that will keep them safe from dangerous or abusive situations.

    There are three units:

    1. Unit I deals with safety issues 
    2. Unit II introduces lessons about touching safety 
    3. Unit III introduces skills and practices that increase ability to be assertive and stand up for themselves in difficult and uncomfortable situations 

    The School Counselors are primarily responsible for teaching Unit II – Touching Safety. In this unit, children in each grade level will learn the difference between safe, unsafe, and unwanted touch. 
    They will also learn the touching rule and the safety steps to follow when the touching rule is broken. 
    Parent presentations are provided to familiarize parents with the program and how to follow through at home. 

    The School Counselor also provides classroom lessons on a variety of other topics upon request by a teacher. 

    Individual or Group Counseling: 
    Services are available for situational difficulties on topics that include coping skills, family transitions, grief and loss, peer relationships, anger management, academic support, and school transitions. These groups and sessions are held as needed and are designed to meet the development as well as the situational needs of the students. By addressing these areas, the teaching and learning process in the classroom are supported. 

    The counselor consults with teachers, parents, administrators and staff members, and also coordinates the internal and external guidance resources of the district.