Student Registration

  • New Student Registration / Student Transfer

    Residents of Harrison Township may enroll their children in the schools of the district by contacting the Main Office of the appropriate building:

    Harrison Township Elementary School
    grades K-3 and pre-school handicapped programs: 
    (856) 478-2016 ext. 7126

    Pleasant Valley Elementary School
    grades 4-6: 
    (856) 223-5120 ext. 7019

    At the time of your call, you may request the necessary registration forms, and arrangements can be made for a personal visit to the school(s).  

    Registration forms are also available, directly below, and may be printed out and completed for return to the appropriate Main Office. 

    Registration Forms: (click on each below to view) 

    Registration Packet

    Physical Exam Form

    BOE Policy #5118 Non-Residency

    Computer Use Form


    To ensure a smooth transition for your child/children, it is beneficial to follow these steps as far in advance as possible.

    In addition to completed registration forms, the Main Office will require the following items to finalize the enrollment process:

    1. Original birth certificate (to be copied at school office for each child’s file)
    2. Immunization records
    3. Physical Exam Form
    4. Proof of residency (current utility bill, statement from landlord, current signed lease, etc.).  NOTE:  The district cannot accept a driver’s license or cell phone bill as proof of residency.

    The district conducts Kindergarten Registration and Screening in early Spring each school  year to enroll children for attendance in September.  A child must be age five (5) on or before October 1 of the year of entrance for Kindergarten, and age 6 on or before October 1 of the year of entrance for enrollment in First Grade. 
    To ensure that you receive advance mailings related to kindergarten enrollment, telephone the Main Office at Harrison Township Elementary School at (856)478-2016 ext. 7126 or ext. 7120. 
    Provide the name and birth date of your child as well as the names of the parents, the home address, and telephone number.

    No Tuition Students in Regular Education Programs
    Due to continued growth within our district, we can not accept non-resident students into the regular education programs on a tuition basis. 

    Temporary Non-Resident Students

    For families that will be purchasing, constructing, or renting a home in the township but anticipate a moderate delay in official residency, Board of Education Policy #5118 (accessible above in the registration forms) provides very important information.

    Student Transfer

    If your family will be moving away from Harrison Township, please notify the appropriate Main Office(s) as soon as possible.   Provide the name of the new school district and that district’s mailing address so that a Student Transfer Card can be prepared for your child/children.   Your child's academic and health folders will be forwarded by mail to the new school(s) after the Main Office receives notification that registration has taken place at their new district.

    In accordance with Board Policy #5118, if the family is moving out of the district after April 30 of the school year, the child may remain enrolled tuition-free through school closing in June, upon approval from the Superintendent of Schools.   In that circumstance, the parents would be responsible for providing transportation to and from school for that period of time.

    Prior to the transfer, each student will be responsible for returning textbooks, library books, and other loaned materials to the Harrison Township School District.  Any funds remaining in the transferring student’s Lunchtime account will be promptly refunded.