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Highlights from the 2019 STEAM Tank Competition



Students from our district competed in the 2019 STEAM Tank Competition. Our teams, made up of students across all grade levels, developed a variety of unique designs. Then competitors were tasked with presenting their design to a panel of judges. Our Innovations and Designs Instructors Mrs. Markey (PVS) and Mrs. Miller (HTS) accompanied the students to the competition, eager to see the students' hard work come to fruition. 

After her time at the event, Mrs. Markey shares her insights by saying, "It was an amazing opportunity for the students to showcase their creative and inventive skills in a "Shark Tank" setting at the STEAM Tank regional competition. The feedback and questioning they received from the judges will no doubt benefit them in countless ways as they develop as young inventors and entrepreneurs. Overall a fabulous experience for all involved!" Mrs. Markey and Mrs. Miller helped the students throughout the whole process as they worked in the I/D labs. Congratulations to everyone who competed and we hope your creativity was sparked in new ways during this challenge! 

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