• InView

    An innovative cognitive-abilities assessment, InView comprises five
    tests that reliably measure skills and abilities important for academic

    Assess cognitive abilities and skills important to academic success with InView tests:
    • Verbal Reasoning - Words
    • Verbal Reasoning - Context
    • Sequences
    • Analogies
    • Quantitative Reasoning

    present students with innovative items that assess skills such as
    understanding verbal and quantitative concepts and analyzing and
    comprehending relationships between verbal and nonverbal stimuli. Use
    InView results to help plan effective programs for your students,
    diagnose possible learning disabilities, and screen students for
    placement into special programs.

    InView was standardized to
    include students with disabilities and to provide age- and
    grade-appropriate normative data. When used with TerraNova, Third Edition and TerraNova, The Second Edition,
    InView provides anticipated-achievement scores (i.e., actual and
    expected scores for individual students and groups). Compare your
    students' achievement with that of other students of the same age,
    grade, and ability.

    DRC/CTB InView Overview