• Test of Mathematical Ability for Giftedness

    The Primary Level (grades K–3) or the Intermediate Level (grades 4–6) of this standardized, norm-referenced test to identify children gifted in
    mathematics. The TOMAGS measures students' ability to use mathematical reasoning and mathematical problem solving. Harrison Township

    elects to the group administration option to afford ALL of our children the potential for identification for enrichment services.

    The TOMAGS was written to reflect the following National Council of Teachers of Mathematics curricular and evaluation standards: 

    • number sense and numeration;
    • concepts of whole number operations;
    • whole number computation;
    • numbers and number relationships;
    • number systems and  number theory;
    • estimation;
    • geometry and spatial sense;
    • measurement;
      statistics and probability;
    • patterns and relationships;
    • and algebra.

    The TOMAGS has reliability coefficients above .80 at all 1-year age intervals. Content validity is addressed, and several
    criterion-referenced studies favorably compare the TOMAGS to other measures of quantitative reasoning ability, including the Cognitive Abilities Test.