• Reading can open up new worlds for students by helping them build knowledge and sparking their curiosity. In second grade, students spend approximately forty-five minutes of their instructional ELA block on foundational skills, focusing primarily on phonics and phonemic awareness. To learn more about the foundational skills practiced during each unit, please access the below unit plans. 

    Students spend approximately another forty-five minutes of their instructional ELA block focusing on learning content and background knowledge on topics in science, history, and the arts, while practicing foundational reading skills.  Geodes, information-rich books, that provide emerging readers with an opportunity to build knowledge, while practicing foundational reading skills, are the primary resources used during this time. Every book is at least 80 percent decodable based on the scope and sequence of Fundations from Wilson Language Training, so all students can put their phonics skills into practice. Second grade students will build knowledge of the following topics: 

    In Module 1, students explore the four seasons throughout the world. In Module 2,  students explore the American West region and learn about westward expansion. In Module 3, students learn about civil rights heroes and examine their impact on equality and justice in the United States of America. Finally, in Module 4, students explore where food comes from and how food fuels our bodies and communities.  Finally, students spend approximately another forty five minutes of their instructional ELA time reinforcing, reviewing, or extending their skills in centers, small group instruction, writing tasks, or various other related literacy tasks and activities. 

    To learn more the topics of study, please access the complete unit plans hyperlinked above as well as the following resources: