• Wit & Wisdom® is our Grade(s) 3-6 English Language Arts curriculum. It builds knowledge of key topics in history, science, and literature through the study of excellent texts. By reading and responding to stories and nonfiction texts, students will build knowledge of the following topics:

    In Module 1, we will study one of the worst economic situations in United States history, the Great Depression. Students will explore the hardships families faced and the triumphs they endured during that period. In Module 2, students will study what makes a hero. Is it simply courage, or something more? What traits do all of us share with the most famous heroes in literature? In Module 3, students work across multiple texts and genres to construct a complex picture of life and struggle in Jamestown, assessing the forces—both internal and external—that brought the near demise of the colony. Students will ask the question: How did the social and environmental challenges in the unknown world of Jamestown shape its development and decline? In Module 4, students work across multiple texts to construct a complex understanding of what it means to endure hostile environments and respond heroically to positively impact others. We will ask the question: How can the challenges of a hostile environment inspire heroism? To learn more about each module, please check out Wit & Wisdom Tips for Families and/or access the complete unit plans hyperlinked above.