• Wit & Wisdom® is our Grade(s) 3-6 English Language Arts curriculum. It builds knowledge of key topics in history, science, and literature through the study of excellent texts. By reading and responding to stories and nonfiction texts, we will build knowledge of the following topics:

    In Module 1, students will examine the complexity of the human heart. Not only is the heart a biological wonder, it is also a symbol of human emotions. Students will explore what it means to have a “great heart,” both literally and figuratively. In Module 2, students will examine how people react to extreme environments. Students will analyze what makes landscapes such as mountains challenging. They will ask the question: How do humans survive against the odds? In Module 3, students will use a critical eye to see how the American Revolution was a foundation for American history. By focusing on identifying and understanding perspectives and its impact on our understanding of events and decisions people make, students will improve their critical-thinking skills as both readers and writers. They will ask the question: Why is it important to understand all sides of a story?  In Module 4, students will read and analyze myths from the ancient Greeks and Romans, as well as Native American tribes, to learn the purpose and importance of these stories in their cultures. Students will also enjoy reading Walk Two Moons, a beautiful tapestry of stories within stories, to reveal a modern-day myth that captures a snapshot of our human experience. They will ask the question: What can we learn from myths and stories? To learn more about each module, please check out Wit & Wisdom Tips for Families and/or access the complete unit plans hyperlinked above.