• Wit & Wisdom® is our Grade(s) 3-6 English curriculum. It builds knowledge of key topics in history, science, and literature through the study of excellent texts. By reading and responding to stories and nonfiction texts, we will build knowledge of the following topics:

    In Module 1, students will ask what it means to belong to a culture. How do the beliefs associated with a culture guide the actions of its people? And what happens when different cultures come into conflict? In Module 2, students will study the way we use words to define and organize our world. Students will read playful stories to investigate wordplay and answer the question: How and why do writers play with words? In Module 3, students are exposed to the many ways in which war affects people and the many consequences of war. They will read firsthand accounts and historical fiction to answer the question: How did the Civil War impact people? Finally, in Module 4, students are exposed to the power that sports have to affect how people view each other, to create opportunities for people, and to help people overcome and challenge barriers. Students will read and research a variety of informational texts about individual athletes, coaches, teams, and organizations to answer the question: How can sports influence individuals and societies? To learn more about each module, please check out Wit & Wisdom Tips for Families and/or access the complete unit plans hyperlinked above.